Home Learning Videos - Key Stage 1

Different Spaces for KS1 and KS2

lets find interesting places to dance in where we live. Suitable for KS1 and KS2

Sofa Dance KS1 and 2

Everyone can get involved dancing with their furniture at home

Chance Dance

Lets all take a chance and make a dance together

KS1 Garden dance

What can you find in an outside space?

KS1 Trains

We are travelling by train today

KS1 Boats and the sea

This is the next part of our travel adventure

KS1 Travel - Aeroplanes

lets get travelling, even when we are not allowed!

Carefree Star

I am a carefree star

KS1 Space number 2

Exploring movement of the planets Mars and Jupiter

A Calm star

A relaxing meditation using the Little Book of Stars. Today, we are a calm star.

Tens and One - Making 2-digit numbers

Have a go at making 2-digt numbers using things you have at home. Take a photo and show me your numbers on our facebook page. :-)

Brilliant star meditation :-)

KS1 Astronauts

Train like an astronaut and shoot up into space in your rocket

The alphabet song

How many different ways can you sing the alphabet song? Softly, loudly, quietly, angrily and in a silly voice. Record a video and put it on our facebook page.

KS1 Wild Thing Dance phrase

This is a short dance about the characters in the book 'Where the Wild things are' by Maurice Sendak

Weekly meditations from the Little Book of Stars

When you feel a little worried or anxious, try this meditation. Sit in a quiet place with your hands in your laps or one hand on your heart the other on your belly and close your eyes. Feel your heart becoming still and peaceful. :-)

A calming meditation from the Little Book of Stars. :-)

Try another meditation from the Little Book of Star. This week we are a Bright Star. Let me know on our Henley Green face book page how you get on with this meditation.

Bright star :-)

Enjoy a relaxing meditation from the Little Book of Stars - this week we are meditating on being a 'Bright Star'. So shine brightly!

KS1 Dance Warm up

For all of KS1 to continue dancing at home should they wish

Meditation introduction

If you need some activities to calm down, then try these!