Home Learning Videos - Key Stage 2


Year 5 have been busy at school practising their bowling skills. Remember to bowl the ball underarm when the target, skittles, are at floor level. Give it ago at home!

Keeping Active

Some great ideas to keep you active over the summer holidays from Coventry Family Health and Lifestyle Service!

KS2 Thank you dance part 3

Lets finish our key worker dance

KS2 Part 2 Thank you dance

This is the next part if our thank you dance

Thank you Superheroes part 1

The beginning of our thank you dance

1 mindful minute exercise

If your mind is busy or you're feeling worried or anxious, try this mindful activity. It will calm your mind and bring some peace to your day.

Our Dance - The Final Part

This is the end of our dance. Enjoy

RE Challenge: 1

Can you solve my RE challenge? Work out the 3 religeous festivals that were celebrated this month. Good luck!

Make a worry doll to tell your worries to

In Guatemala and Mexico, children make tiny worry dolls to tell all their worries to before they go to bed. They keep the doll under their pillow at night, in the morning the dolls have taken their worries away.

KS2 Our Dance (the chorus)

A little bit more of our dance to learn

Deep breating with balloon visualisation

Try this dep breathing exercise to help you relax and stay calm.

A singing bowl mindfulnesss activity to try

KS2 Dance

This is a short dance session about the artist Banksy. Please keep dancing if you want to.

The worry monster

If you are feeling worried, anxious or scared - try this meditation to help you relax your mind and feel calm. If this video helps you, let me know on our facebook page. :-)

A breathing meditation to help you relax and slow down your heart beat

When you feel like your worry monster is taking over your mind and body. Sit and try this simple breating meditation. Leave me a message on our Henley Green face book page, about how you get on. You could draw me a picture of your worry monster too.

KS2 Our Dance (part1)

This is a dance that we can all learn together